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Loyalsnap + Xponential Exclusive Partnership

Loyalsnap is one of Xponential's exclusive texting and CRM platforms.

Loyalsnap works with thousands of studios around the world and has developed a very comprehensive, best-practice lead management and sales process system specifically tailored for Xponential brands.

What is Loyalsnap?

Loyalsnap is an integrated CRM tool that combines comprehensive, fully-automated emails and texts, which are sent based on the client's own behavior.


Loyalsnap also provides a Client Management Dashboard, which automatically identifies and categorizes which clients require a more personalized form of follow up (e.g. phone call or personalized text message).

Pure Barre.jpg

for Communication and Marketing

Loyalsnap will target your clients throughout their entire customer journey. Utilizing Automations and the Client Management Dashboard, Loyalsnap will help target the following:





Simplified Solutions
for your studio

Our team of industry experts has created content based on industry standards and best practices to provide your studio with the marketing strategy to succeed.





What results can I expect?

Convert 56%
more leads

Increase sales revenue by 14%

Keep members
2.5 months longer

10x-25x Return on investment

Xponential Service Tiers

Find the pricing option that is right for your studio. We offer three tiers of service for our Xponential partners: Basic, Plus, and Premium.

Xpo Pricing.jpeg

*Pricing is per studio. All tiers include metered texting for segments beyond the amount included. For specific texting rates based on your country, please contact for more information. Text Blasts are currently only available for studios located in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.

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