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Dear Employers, A Safe Space Begins With Team Culture

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Post-2020 Economy

A vibrant workplace where individuals come together to achieve common goals.

When most people think of their dream job, they focus on salary, PTO, and the work they’re able to do. They might even envision having a great boss. But do we consider the type of team we would like to work on and what that culture looks like? While the answer to this question has often been "no", the last two years have seen a major shift in how people choose to work. Fostering a strong team culture is a key way to continue attracting talent in this new era of workforce development.

What is Team Culture and Why Is It Important?

The word “culture” has a different meaning for everyone and for every company. It has been a hot buzzword in business recently but what is the true meaning of culture? Merriam-Webster describes it as, “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization…” A set of principles, level of morale and shared beliefs that permeate through a company can either make or break the organization.

The relationships we build at work can have a great effect on us- in and out of the workplace. In a world where we are talking more about mental health and self-care practices, the way we relate to our co-workers is being highlighted more than ever. Setting goals to increase revenue is no longer the most important aspect in business- having the right team and effective culture is now at the forefront.

Team Culture At Loyalsnap From The Lens Of A New Hire

Joining the team at Loyalsnap was an intuitive and thoughtful experience. My interview process was completely crafted by me, leading me to think deeply about the things I wanted to learn about the company and what type of co-worker I wanted to be. This process also gave insight into how much Loyalsnap values creative thinking and how each individual employee shows up in a work space. By fostering an environment of trust and empowerment, Loyalsnap is innovating not just in technology but also in human capital management.

The workplace is changing rapidly, especially after the past two years. We are seeing folks leave high paying jobs and refusing to diminish their worth for a paycheck. The ball is in the court of the one who holds the skillset and companies are rising to meet the demands. At Loyalsnap, the culture is one of expression, collaboration and focus on a great product which serves fitness communities. In my interviews, we spoke of the company’s emphasis on DEI work, how the Loyalsnap product works to assist in easing the burden of small business owners' marketing needs, providing adequate mental health days and promoting a healthy work/life balance. I made the choice to join the team here because I truly believe that work can be a holistic space and Loyalsnap is making a significant impact in the way that we service.

How To Foster Team Culture In Your Business

Building a great team culture isn’t a difficult task if you’re doing it intentionally and with input from your employees. Although blending a group of folks who come with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds can feel almost impossible, it is necessary and imperative for your business to fully function on all levels. Here are some ways to create a great team culture that will be effective:

  • Have Explicit Values

Having strong values will set the foundation for success and a productive workplace. Leading with values that represent the core of the team will define your team’s culture and provide a reference point for your big why. At Loyalsnap, our values are: Integrity, Impact, Humanity, Improvement, Ownership, Humility and Simplicity. These values act as a measuring stick that we can all refer to as individuals and as a team. Being clear on company values makes it easier to form clear decisions, whether large or small.

  • Have Clear Expectations

Expectations are like building blocks- you need them in order to create a strong foundation. Communicating what you expect from your team and having discussions about those requirements will promote better relationship management. Create expectations using transparency, respect, responsibility, and the space to make mistakes.

  • Motivate your Employees

When everyone on a team has a clear understanding of their responsibilities, motivation to succeed becomes greater. Being excited about the projects and the benefits of the work helps to deepen the appreciation. From this enthusiasm, new ideas and enhanced support can flow from all sides of the team.

  • Commit To Working on Team Culture

Encouraging employees to bring their full selves to work and emphasizing the important role they play can build a cohesive work environment that thrives off doing good, high-quality work. Meaningful team culture is the fabric of a company; it reflects everything that the organization does. By continuously iterating the cultivation of the values, team culture will enhance and be appreciated.

Building a strong team is important and it’s even more necessary to maintain the strength of that team. The culture of your team and your overall business is a reflection of leadership and company values. When these two things are communicated positively and empathetically, the business will run more smoothly.

How Loyalsnap Can Impact Your Team Culture

Once you have your values in place and expressed to your team, Loyalsnap can be a pivotal tool in helping to set expectations and motivate employees with the goal of taking your culture to the next level.

The Client Management Dashboard is a simple but powerful tool to lay out clear goals for client outreach and then set expectations regarding completion. The metrics in Reports serve as a motivator to track progress on key goals and celebrate team wins. The scripts and templates provided by Loyalsnap can be refined to reflect YOUR company values and unique voice so that your clients are receiving consistent messaging.

To learn more about how Loyalsnap can improve your team culture, reach out to to request a demo.

A stylish woman with dreadlocks rocks a tan jacket, exuding confidence and individuality.

Shaneek is a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Retreat host who has a deep passion for helping people live their most fulfilling lives. As Project Manager, Shaneek combines her fitness knowledge and organizational gifts to help deliver new features to Loyalsnap clients. When she's not creating workflows, she enjoys hiking the Georgia trails, strolling through museums, or spending lots of time with family and friends.


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