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Helping studios enhance their marketing efforts since 2015.

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Our Story

Starting as a loyalty membership rewards platform, Loyalsnap quickly expanded to become a tool for a more targeted and deliberate approach to marketing in the fitness industry.

In 2015, Loyalsnap was started with an idea, unyielding motivation and a passion for success. Over the past 5+ years, Loyalsnap has evolved to a growing team of Engineers and Client Service Specialists who have serviced thousands of clients, including F45 Training, Xponential, CycleBar, and Barre3.

Today, Loyalsnap is committed to leveraging modern technology to facilitate our clients’ needs.

Our Team

We believe great products are built by great teams. Comprised of Engineering and Client Services experts, our team is a group of passionate, can-do problem solvers who get the job done. The values we exhibit both externally to our clients and internally to one another are the guiding principles of Loyalsnap.

Noah Kaplan | A man with short hair wearing a blue shirt.

Noah Kaplan


Gavin Apter | A man in a black polo shirt standing confidently.

Gavin Apter


Katie Kaufman Gibbons | A woman with long dark hair against a blue background.

Katie Kaufman-Gibbons


Our Values


Our clients use Loyalsnap because it works. We help them achieve their goals.


We take pride and comfort in doing the right thing, even when it’s tough. We value authenticity and transparency in all interactions with our clients and teammates.


Our team is made up of all types of people, and we center our team’s wellbeing. Our approach is shaped by real people using what we create. We treat everyone with respect: our teammates, our clients, and our vendors.


Learning, listening, training, and researching are fundamental to our work. We’re imaginative and stay at the forefront of our industry. We relentlessly strive to improve our product, our relationships with others, and ourselves.


We’re reliable and accountable. We can count on each other to step up. Our clients and our teammates take comfort in knowing we deliver on our promises.


We know there are always new and better ways of doing things. We thrive on opportunities to improve an existing idea. Feedback is a gift, and we embrace it.


We invest time in learning what’s essential and what’s not. This is reflected in our approach to designing our product and communicating with our teammates and clients.

Grow with Loyalsnap

Join the thousands of studios who trust Loyalsnap to help them improve client outreach, increase lead conversion and reach their goals.

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