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The better way to market your fitness studio.

Effortlessly build and maintain client relationships with Loyalsnap, a full-service marketing and automation tool.
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What is Loyalsnap?

Save time, effort, and money by using automated and tailored approaches to client communication.


Loyalsnap integrates directly with your booking platform to create marketing approaches based on individual client activity, taking guesswork off your shoulders and empowering your team to connect with your clients in the most important stages of their customer journeys.

Integration Partners

Loyalsnap will integrate with your booking platform to gain insight into your clients behaviors. We currently offer integrations with MINDBODY, Mariana Tek and ClubReady

Our team will create, write and curate custom automations and dashboard categories for you, based on your studio's business needs and goals. 

Curated Content for your Studio

We know that each studio is unique. The Loyalsnap team will create your content to help reach your business goals, while maintaining the voice of your brand. 

Our team will set up and customize everything from the Automation campaigns and email templates to the Client Management Dashboard and email/SMS scripts. Everything is designed with each studio’s particular goals in mind. 


No one opens a fitness studio because they love sales and marketing.

That's where Loyalsnap comes in. 

for Loyalty Marketing

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Loyalsnap combines automated email/SMS marketing outreach, email blast functionality, and a client management dashboard to help you reach your business goals.

Convert More Leads

Convert 56% more leads

Loyalsnap's lead-centric dashboard categories will populate new clients as soon as they create an account, so no prospects are missed. Meanwhile, automations will continue to send in the background in a strategic timeframe to continue outreach without overwhelming potential clients.

Through the combination of automated communication and our Client Management Dashboard, you can be sure that you will never miss a lead again. 

Maximize Client

Increase sales revenue by 14%

Loyalsnap can help you identify lapsed clients, clients at risk, upsell opportunities and more, to help keep track of which members are in need of personal outreach to ensure they are having a positive client experience.

We will help you maintain relationships effortlessly, celebrate client wins, and communicate effectively with your members.

Minimize Member Cancellations

Keep members 4 months longer

We believe in proactivity. Loyalsnap pulls your clients' visit history in real-time so we can notify you when clients are at risk.

In addition to reaching out to clients through the dashboard, you can also schedule automations to be sent to your clients, keeping you on top of your client’s feedback and experience.

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The Loyalsnap dashboard has helped us fine-tune our sales process because we understand our clients’ buying habits and their conversion rates. It's allowed us to make better decisions for what we offer, in terms of our pricing options.



Before Loyalsnap, my retention on average was 12%. Now it's about 22% from intro to membership.



I love everything that Loyalsnap provides but I am more impressed with the constant support and how much they are always improving their product.

Are you ready to experience everything that Loyalsnap has to offer? Book your demo to begin a one month free trial today!
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