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5 Tips to Best Engage New Members This Fall

Back-to-School, Black Friday, Holiday Season, Oh My!

A diverse group of individuals wearing sportswear, united in a circle, holding hands in a display of unity and teamwork.

As strange as it might seem, Fall 2021 is upon us and with it comes some familiar staples. Pumpkin spice is showing up in everything, holiday albums are being released by your favorite stars, and folks are thinking about their fitness as they prepare for the increased calorie consumption fall holidays tend to bring.

Engaging with new clients this fall is one of the best ways to ensure these new members become lifelong users and advocates for your studio. The increased spending surrounding the holidays can also increase churn as personal purchases drop in priority. This post will cover 5 key tips to stay engaged with your members both old and new to keep those relationships strong.

1. Be There for Those Back-to-School Newbies

A common trend as kids go back to school and the weather makes outdoor exercise less enjoyable in many parts of the world is an increase in new members. While this is a great seasonal trend, what is even greater is keeping those clients in the studio for the long haul. The best way to do that is through a sense of community that stretches past the four walls of your studio.

To reach as many clients as possible, this community should be multi-channeled, through traditional means like email and your website as well as more modern tools like text message and social media. Managing all of these channels can often fall to the wayside when things in the studio get busy, so automating and simplifying wherever possible is key.

With Loyalsnap, your studio can automate many repetitive outreaches and streamline direct communication to ensure all your bases are covered on even the busiest days.

2. Sales Can Never Be Too Social (Or Too Spooky!)

Social media is by far one of the best ways to engage your current community and just as importantly expand your business. A post being shared through a client’s social media is the modern day equivalent of word of mouth with a much broader audience. Posting about a sale or a referral bonus program can provide significant increase in reach with minimal to no cost.

And it’s never too soon to get started! While many businesses offer a Black Friday sale in the coming month, a “Get Costume Ready” or “Scary Low Sale” campaign based on social media can draw attention to your studio and encourage clients to share their own posts when Halloween comes.

Social media campaigns are great, but they are only effective when you can consistently keep in touch with these new leads once the connection is made. Loyalsnap can connect seamlessly to Facebook Lead campaigns and a variety of other tools to ensure you keep track of these new prospects and engage with them all the way through their membership journey.

3. Be Ready for Black Friday

While opportunities abound before then, it is never too early to start thinking about Black Friday. To many the biggest holiday of the year, it represents one of the best opportunities to bring new clients in and increase the purchase size of existing clients.

If you have an email account or you watch television, it’s clear that Black Friday is not just a day, but a weeks-long process of building anticipation and driving attention to your business. Many businesses will even open up the sale early and keep it going through the end of the season to best celebrate the holiday.

Loyalsnap makes it easy to build an Email Blast campaign that can be scheduled for the entire month to raise awareness and share a call to action. What’s more, automated outreach can be set up to target clients as the discounted packages are running out, prompting them to continue on with your studio and become lifelong members.

4. Wellness is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Remember that Black Friday isn’t just about personal shopping, for many it is an opportunity to get their holiday shopping done for their friends and family. As people contemplate what to buy their cousins, coworkers, and Secret Santas, make sure you have options that keep your studio top of mind.

5. Always Stay True to Your "You"

Fall is a season and just like any other, it comes with certain trends like falling leaves, colder temperatures, and lots of opportunities to sell your studio’s products and services. Noticing these trends and capitalizing on them is important, but what’s more important while doing so is staying true to your studio’s brand and voice. Essentially, to what makes you, you.

A yoga studio focused on mindful movement and wellness might not find success with even the best executed “Get Costume Ready” campaign this Halloween. And some populations are turned off by an aggressive sales mindset, even when it comes to a good deal. Always keep in mind who your clients are and how you want to present yourself wholistically when creating these campaigns in Loyalsnap and beyond.

There is No Time Like the Present to Engage New Members

If there is one thing that you should take away from this post, it’s that there is no time like now to start engaging with your clients. Back to school season is coming to an end and staying in touch with all of your clients old and new as we head into the season is vitally important. Hopefully, these tips have given you a good sense of where to start!

Learn More About Loyalsnap

If there are two things that you should take away from this post, the second is this: Loyalsnap can help simplify your client engagement strategy this call and beyond! Click here to book a demo to learn more and get started!


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