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Beyond Resolutions: Turning your January Joiners Into Long-Term Members

Loyalsnap offers some tips and tricks on turning New Year resolution joiners into long-term members.

a yoga class led by a knowledgeable instructor in a spacious room, where participants find balance and serenity through mindful movements.

As the New Year rolls in, fitness studios experience a membership surge as people embark on their health and wellness resolutions. However, the challenge for fitness studios lies not just in acquiring new members but in retaining them beyond the initial enthusiasm of January.

Inspire your new members to stay engaged in your community and committed to their fitness journey well into the new year with these helpful tips.

Build Your Community

"You want to be where everybody knows your name".

The hit sitcom "Cheers" got it right!

A new member knows if they found a long-term fitness home when welcomed by a fun and committed community, even before their first class. Learn everyone's name! Make introductions before and after class. Organize social events, challenges, or group workouts to encourage members to connect. A strong sense of community makes the fitness journey more enjoyable and creates a support system that motivates members to stick around.

Use Goal-Tracking to Celebrate Progress

Implement a system for members to track their progress. This system could involve fitness assessments, goal-setting sessions, or even an old-school Bingo Board. Celebrate their achievements, no matter how small, to reinforce a sense of accomplishment and keep motivation high.

Whether it's their 10th or 100th class, you can utilize your Loyalsnap automations to send celebration messages to your members when they hit those major milestones. (Or just before they reach them to incentivize them to schedule those classes in advance).

Offer Incentive Programs

Create incentive programs to reward consistency and dedication with initiatives such as loyalty programs, referral bonuses, or exclusive perks for long-term members.

Partner with a local business that can offer their products or services as a reward to your members in exchange for a discount at your studio. Tangible rewards can act as powerful motivators to keep members engaged.

Keep Class Offerings Interesting to Attract Long-Term Members

Throughout the year, spice up their fitness routine by offering special/themed classes throughout the year. A regularly scheduled vinyasa yoga class can attract fresh commitment when you add a fun twist.

Encourage your members to dress the part (and bring a friend) to one of these themed classes:

Theme Class Ideas

  • Glow in the Dark 80's night

  • Summer Olympics Fitness

  • Easter Egg Hunt HIIT Class

  • Silent Disco

  • 90's Hip Hop Night

  • Rock n' Roll Forever

  • Super Bowl Sweat-a-thon

Maintain Consistent Communication

Setting up an automated flow that fires based on client attendance will help nurture members through their first months with you. Loyalsnap's member retention messaging will flag those super users as the ideal clients for referrals while keeping on top of clients that underutilize their membership.

Unlike big-box gyms, boutique fitness studios succeed when their members are all in. Loyalsnap can help you turn that January Joiner into your studio's biggest fan!

While January may bring an influx of new members to fitness studios, maintaining their commitment beyond the initial resolution period is the key to long-term success. By focusing on personalized experiences, community building, and a holistic approach to health and wellness, fitness studios can create an environment that encourages members to stay motivated and engaged throughout the entire year.


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