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Marketing Doesn't Need to be Scary

Treat your studio to the tricks of engagement this Halloween

Get spooky savings on laptops this Halloween! Don't miss out on our terrifyingly good sale.

Halloween might be the end of the spooky season but in many ways, it marks the beginning of the sales season for our studio partners. From Black Friday sales, to presents for the holiday season, to the annual new year resolution to work out more, the next few months are rich with opportunities to engage your existing clients and grow your business.

This is where it can start to feel scary as the studio team has to take some time away from the exercise mats and get behind the computer.

Our event on October 31st with JL Marketing is designed to help you take full advantage of the opportunities ahead with the right kinds of outreach at the right times.

Here is just a little of what you can expect to cover:

Avoid ghosting your leads

The next few months have the potential to bring in high levels of new accounts and new clients, but this is just the first step. Taking these leads from opportunities to actual members requires consistent and thoughtful communication.

JL Marketing will be sharing tips and tricks on how and when to engage these new leads to deepen engagement and carry them through the sales cycle all the way to a recurring membership.

Spooky good social media marketing

All of the Spirit Halloween costume memes are great, but social media can be far more than just fun for a business. Social media posts can be used to develop a brand voice, engage organically with clients where they already spend time, and promote upcoming sales and promotions in a way that is easily shareable (let's go viral y'all).

The team at JL Marketing will make suggestions on how to use social media to market to clients, both current and potential. Loyalsnap can make it easy to automatically reach out to these new clients and get them into the studio again and again.

Engagement that's easy as (pumpkin) pie

If you've ever labored over the perfect Halloween costume only to walk into the party to crickets, you know the pain of sending a newsletter to low engagement. But it's important not to be scared away and instead lean in with the costume contest of click-through rates the next time around!

Click-through rates can provide some of the most concrete metrics for measuring success and opportunities for improvement. Our team will review how to access these metrics related to open and click rates and provide suggestions for how to use the reported numbers to find areas for improvement.

Come join us, costumes and all!

We will be covering these topics as well as so much more so come join in the fun! And we'll have a special surprise for the person who joins in the best costume (good luck beating our team members!).

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