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OMG, We're an MBO MVP!!

BOLD 2022 celebrates a commitment to impact and innovation with MVP Award honors.

On September 15th, the Mindbody BOLD Conference came to a close after 4 days filled with activity. For our team at Loyalsnap, it was an opportunity to engage with clients face-to-face, show off some new developments, and in the end receive an honor at the most exclusive award show of the week (no, not the Emmys!): the BOLD Partner Awards.

With a beaming smile, a man triumphantly clutches his conference award, a symbol of his remarkable success.

This year, were incredibly proud to be presented with the Most Valuable Partner Award. In Mindbody's words, "The MVP Award honors an especially extraordinary partner that demonstrates market-leading innovation, achieves remarkable year-over-year growth, and provides an exceptional experience to customers through the Mindbody Partner Program." The whole team was thrilled to get the news as this recognition represents the collective impact of our development efforts in keeping our technology cutting edge and our enduring belief in providing the best customer experience possible.

Loyalsnap convention symbolizing unwavering dedication and loyalty

As excited as we are about the award, the experience for partners was a highlight throughout the conference. Aaron Eisberg, Loyalsnap's Head of Sales, was quick to point out how valuable the interaction Mindbody fostered was for partners. "The partner track was probably my favorite part of BOLD... Interacting with MindBody Executives and getting to ask questions about where partners fit into their ecosystem was very enlightening as well." These valuable meetings were made even more enjoyable by all of the fun for partners and clients throughout the conference.

"Getting to meet and interact with clients during the VIP party and at the BOLD BASH was extremely valuable (and FUN!)"

Embrace the Mindbody BOLD conference. A new era has arrived where being daring and confident is the norm.

Engaging in person with clients last week was undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the BOLD Conference. Loyalsnap Account Manager Malcolm Whye put it best, saying "In this digital age, there is something to be said for getting that personal time with people and hearing their needs to help us improve our platform." Two of our core values at Loyalsnap are impact and humanity and the BOLD conference provided an opportunity to put them into practice in real-time. The feedback we received is providing valuable insight for our product research, and the memories from the dance floor will live in our hearts forever!

"Not only that, but it was fun getting to cut a rug with some of them too :)”

We are beyond grateful and excited to have received the MVP Award, and we want to thank the Mindbody Partner team for this recognition. What the BOLD conference reminded us of most, though, was exactly why we do what we do at Loyalsnap and that's our customers. Hearing directly from our users the impact Loyalsnap has had on their businesses was a powerful motivator and the insights gained are driving action across our departments already.

We want to thank Mindbody for organizing the BOLD convention, the Partner Team for the MVP recognition, and especially every Loyalsnap user we've had the pleasure of interacting with both at BOLD and beyond. We loved hearing for our users and want to keep the momentum rolling. If working with Loyalsnap has been a valuable experience for you, we want to hear about! The Mindbody Partner Store is a great place to share a review and it can help us share our MVP marketing automation with even more users!

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