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Outreach Spotlight: Lapsed Clients

A couple sweating it out at the gym, pushing their limits to achieve their fitness goals.

Like it or not, lapsed clients are an inevitable part of the client lifecycle for boutique fitness studios. What is not inevitable is that these clients are gone forever once they’ve lapsed. In fact, lapsed clients can represent one of the best opportunities to drive business back to your studio. While this outreach process is important throughout the life of your business, this year when many clients have been gone from your studio for prolonged periods, it is particularly important.

Loyalsnap makes it easy to engage with these lapsed clients and incentivize them to return to the studio. This outreach can be done through all three of our core systems: the automated campaign, the client management dashboard, and the email blast tools.

Automated Outreach Takes Work Off Your Plate

Consistency is key when it comes to engaging with all clients, but is particularly important when reaching out to lapsed clients to get them to return. That is why Loyalsnap includes a comprehensive lapsed client outreach flow in the automated campaign. With the automated campaign running, you can feel confident knowing that every lapsed client will receive consistent communications around returning to the studio.

"...every studio’s definition of high value can be different based on their needs"

Personalized Outreach for High Value Targets

Not everyone who receives the automated campaign will take the desired action of buying a new package and getting back into the studio. For these clients, we have another outreach touchpoint through our client management dashboard. This touchpoint will be manual to allow the message to be personalized prior to sending.

We limit this category to “high value lapsed” clients which tends to mean they have taken 25 or more visits in their lifetime prior to lapsing. Adding this additional condition ensures that the category does not become overwhelming and only those truly high priority clients will display for you to engage with. These types of conditions are flexible, so every studio’s definition of high value can be different based on their needs.

One-Off Blasts for Big Announcements for Lapsed Clients

If you have an announcement that you want to share with every lapsed client, whether it be about a new offer you have available or just alerting them that your studio is open, you can use the Email Blast feature to send a newsletter to the whole group at once.

This Email Blast tool will be particularly useful during this period of the studio's re-opening and returning to more business as usual. Sending a reopening announcement to every client that has been gone from the studio for a year or more is a great way to share news of reopening broadly and get folks back into the studio.


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