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The Long and Short Of It: Choosing the Perfect Trial For Your Fitness Studio

When it comes to offering a trial at your boutique fitness studio, finding the right balance between affordability and investment is key. Two common options are a shorter trial at a lower price point and a longer trial that requires a larger investment. Though neither is inherently good or bad- there are distinct benefits to consider when choosing what you will offer.

Lower Barrier to Entry VS. Increased Commitment

A shorter, more affordable trial lowers the financial barrier to entry for potential customers. It allows individuals who may be hesitant to make a larger investment upfront to try out your gym and experience its offerings. This can attract a wider range of customers and increase the chances of attracting individuals who are curious about your gym but are not yet fully committed.

By offering a longer trial that requires a larger investment, you are attracting customers who are more committed to getting to know your studio (AND are likely more committed to their health and fitness). The higher cost acts as a filter, ensuring that those who sign up for the trial are genuinely interested and willing to invest their time and resources. This increased commitment often leads to higher engagement and a greater likelihood of a new member joining your community.

Testing the Waters VS. A Deeper Understanding

Group of people working out in a class paying attention to the instructor

A shorter trial period allows potential customers to test the waters and get a taste of what your gym has to offer. They can try out different classes, equipment, and amenities, and determine if it aligns with their fitness goals and preferences. This allows them to make a more informed decision about whether to commit to a longer-term membership.

A longer trial allows users to better understand what life as a member of your studio is actually like. They have more time to explore different class types, class times, and different instructors. This allows them to truly assess how their new fitness routine will fit into their everyday life. This deeper understanding can result in more informed buying decisions and higher customer satisfaction.

Quick Decision-Making VS Relationship Building

Some individuals prefer to make quick decisions and don't want to commit to a longer trial period. By offering a shorter trial, you cater to this audience and provide them with the option to try out your gym without a long-term commitment. This can attract individuals who value flexibility and want to make decisions on a shorter timeframe.

During a longer trial period, you have more opportunities to build a relationship with your potential members. You can provide personalized support, address their specific needs and concerns, and consult them on the best path forward on their fitness journey. During one of the best trial experiences I have had the owner took a class next to me and personally introduced himself before class. He took the time to connect with me, learn my name, and introduce me to other members. This level of engagement helps to foster trust and loyalty, increasing the chances of converting trial users into paying customers and potentially even advocates for your brand. (No surprise- In my case, I snagged a membership before I was halfway through my trial).

We often see longer/higher investment trials work well with more mature studios that have a firm member base. If your studio has a few classes each week that book out or have a waitlist a longer trial will offer a more immersive experience for the clients who are seeking to join an already buzzing community. If you are offering a new style or modality or if you are still growing your client base a low cost/short trial may be for you.

When deciding whether to offer a shorter, more affordable trial at your gym, consider the target audience, market conditions, and your business goals. It can be an effective strategy for attracting a wider customer base and providing individuals with a low-risk opportunity to experience your gym's offerings.

Regardless of the trial length you choose, ensure clear communication about what clients can expect during the trial period and the value they'll receive. Additionally, track metrics such as conversion rates and client satisfaction to gauge the effectiveness of your trial strategy and make informed adjustments as needed.

By understanding your audience's preferences and aligning your trial offerings with your studio's objectives, you can effectively attract and retain clients, driving success for your fitness business in the competitive industry landscape.


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