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To Stream or Not To Stream? Keep Building Community

Embracing the new normal and making Zoom work for you!

A woman practicing yoga on a mat while using her laptop for online sessions.

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. This old adage was put to the test over the last two years as government mandates across the globe and declining consumer confidence led to empty classes and shuttered studios. The work our studio partners have done to maintain a relationship with their clients and continue delivering the health benefits regular fitness classes can provide has been so inspiring and we are thrilled to have played even a small part in this journey.

While we are all eager to leave the uncertainty and isolation of the last two years in the past, it has become abundantly clear over the last few weeks that we are not totally out of the woods. Even as consumers regain confidence and in-person classes fill up again, maintaining a presence online can provide greater value to more clients and increase revenue to the studio. Below, we outline why continuing virtual classes is the best option for our studios to continue to build community and some key tips to creating the best experience possible.

Intimate Experiences with a Global Reach

Group fitness classes provide many benefits, but the one we hear about most consistently is the sense of community and belonging that people feel while working out alongside others. Folks could have turned to YouTube or other alternatives when things started to shut down, but many kept signing up for live stream classes to feel that sense of community. The personal touches a live instructor can provide combined with the bonding over a collective activity have proven to be key differentiators regardless of the medium.

In some cases, studios were able to not only maintain their existing client base but grow their business. Also, with no commute to consider, existing students can invite friends from all over to join in and grow the community. And with the minimal effort required to set up and start streaming from the studio, continuing to engage with and grow this virtual customer base is a no-brainer.

A Foot in the Door without Leaving the House

Generating new leads is always a top priority for studios and virtual classes provide a great low commitment way to get people in for their first experience. A stand-alone intro offer for live stream only at a reduced rate can show potential members the format and style of the classes as well as a sense of what the community will offer.

Even more, having a virtual infrastructure in place is a good safety net for those days, weeks, (or months) that in-person classes are not possible. Much like modern schoolchildren, a snow day will no longer be an excuse to miss a workout. And should public safety in your region require further lockdowns, you will be well-positioned to transition with minimal interruption to members.

Get Chatty and Keep Building Community

The sense of belonging small group classes provides is one of the key differentiating factors setting our studios apart, and it is important to maintain that community for the folks joining remotely. If possible, having a front desk team member or another staffer on the Zoom specifically dedicated to answering questions that arise in the chat is a great way to foster community and engagement.

If members are encouraged to steam with their cameras, the team can take the additional step of providing technique feedback as needed. This level of expert support in the moment really sets small group fitness apart and the more that can be replicated virtually the more successful those efforts will be.

Automations Ensure Consistency and Simplicity

To ensure you can provide high-quality live stream classes with ease moving forward, studios will be best served by employing tools to automate as much of the process as possible. For clients on Mindbody, Loyalsnap can provide efficient automation tools to take as much of the procedural work off of the studio's plate as possible.

Once connected, Loyalsnap will create the Zoom meetings for all live streams, send the links to join to all participants registered, and check those that attend into Mindbody. Now your team can focus their efforts on the class itself and providing the best experience possible to members.

To learn more about Loyalsnap's Virtual tools or get signed up, reach out to today!


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