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Transforming Your Fitness Franchise: How Barre3 Streamlined Client Management with Loyalsnap

A lively gym class with people stretching and exercising together in a Pilates session.

If you run a fitness franchise, you know the importance of providing a streamlined client management with personalized attention to each client to help them achieve their goals. But as you expand and open more locations, it can be challenging to maintain consistency in your outreach and follow-up. That's where Loyalsnap comes in.

Barre3 faced this challenge, with over 100 locations struggling with manual work and inconsistent outreach. To address this, they needed a solution that could scale their personalized approach with consistency and simplicity. That's when they turned to Loyalsnap.

With Loyalsnap's automated email and SMS outreach, as well as the Client Management Dashboard, franchisees can follow up with new clients, celebrate member milestones, and foster a strong sense of community. This streamlined process helps franchisees follow up with clients more effectively and efficiently, taking only a quarter of the time compared to manual processes.

The results speak for themselves - since partnering with Loyalsnap, Barre3 has experienced consistent growth and stability as they welcomed more locations and members who share their mission. They have found a reliable solution to help their franchisees improve their outreach and build relationships with clients.

If you're looking to streamline your client management sales processes without compromising your exceptional client experience, Loyalsnap can help.

We provide valuable support to the corporate team by offering a branded and simplified way to push out updates, new sales templates, and client management tasks to each of your franchisees.

Don't just take our word for it - read the case study and see for yourself how Loyalsnap has helped Barre3 grow and thrive.

And when you're ready to take the next step, book a demo with our team and see how we can support your fitness business.


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