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Loyalsnap Texting Solutions

Were you using a texting provider that's no longer around? Were you encouraged to switch to a solution that may not be right for your studio and your team?

Are you struggling with your current texting solution? 

Enter Loyalsnap! Loyalsnap is an exclusive texting and CRM platform.

Loyalsnap works with thousands of studios around the world and has developed a very comprehensive, best-practice lead management and sales process system specifically tailored for boutique fitness brands.

Loyalsnap vs ClubReady Connect

Loyalsnap is the most powerful tool to communicate with your clients in the right way at the right time. Proven by thousands of studios to increase your sales and member retention. 

Loyalsnap Product

Easy + Efficient Mass Texting

No more pulling confusing reports and texting the wrong people!

Loyalsnap allows you to segment your clients directly in our Portal in just a few clicks.

One seamless text, regardless of character count

Need to send a text that's more than 160 characters? No problem.

Through Loyalsnap, you can send a longer text to your clients or leads and they will receive 1 seamless message.

Screen Shot 2023-10-07 at 6.36.32 AM.png
Loyalsnap Client Management Dashboard

Minimal Downtime

You can trust that Loyalsnap works, every time.


Our system is built using cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency so you can feel confident in the platform. We've been supporting studios for 8+ years with nearly no downtime.

We're here to support you.

At Loyalsnap, we pride ourselves on providing the best client support in the industry.

We have an extensive knowledge base and a whole team of people who is here to help you.


If you succeed, we succeed.

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Discover the option that's right for your studio and your team.

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